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Photo  Tours in Bath

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Bath Photo Tours...


Unashamedly the most exclusive and best Tour of Bath



Bath is one of the most romantic cities in the world....enjoy it on a Photo Tour with your loved one


Photo Tours in Bath....  do you want a truly immersive, unique and personalised experience when you visit Bath?

I will personally ensure that you aren't disappointed. From your first email or telephone enquiry I will discuss with you how your private Photo Tour can be adapted to exactly suit your needs... 


Photo Tours in Bath offers a uniquely adaptable photo tour service where you, the customer, call the shots... my sole priority is you.


Photo Tours in Bath provides an unrivalled service for customer care,  great flexibility and outstanding value for money.


When comparing my tours to others please remember that with my tours its just you and me, no crowds, no strangers. Also, you won't be hurried or feel that your tour was incomplete because of time limits, within reason there are no limits. The tour takes as long as it takes.


Photo Tour Gift Vouchers available £75-£xxx, please email for details...


This is my sixth year showing visitors and locals the most beautiful parts of Bath and telling them something of its fascinating history. There really is a lot to see in Bath and please bear this in mind when considering alternative tour operators who very often offer unrealistically short tours. If your tour runs over by 10 minutes or an hour I don't mind and you'll only pay the pre-agreed fee. I want you to be happy and I won't allow a little thing like time to limit your enjoyment.


People love my tours because I really do make every effort to ensure your complete satisfaction.



         You will never share your Tour with a stranger: once you've booked, that's it, it's your Tour.


         You decide the start time: its your Tour, you're in control.


         Want to be met at the rail station or your central hotel? No problem, just ask.


         No time limits... take your time, this isn't a race



My tours are 'All Weather English Tours' ... we don't let a little thing like a little rain spoil our day



I am always happy to take Hen Party groups on a customised Photo Tour of Bath to record the happy group as they celebrate the Bride's special weekend. Please see 'Custom & Group Tours' on the Tours & Prices page. 



Whether you live locally, are a  photographer on a visit, or a visitor with a camera,  Photo Tours in Bath is the right choice for you.


My name is Simon Christie, I am the Photo Tours in Bath guide. I am a professional photographer and historian and I've lived in Bath for over 35 years. I have an unrivalled  knowledge of Bath, its history, its architecture and its scandals. 


See Bath from a new perspective. On a Photo Tours in Bath tour I will not only show you all of the iconic sights for which Bath is famous but also unique angles and viewpoints for taking your shots. Check out my Instagram pages phototoursinbath,  floating_worlds_bath and bathsbuildings (sorry, these aren't live links)  and you'll see what I mean. This  creative approach ensures that you go home with truly stunning and original photographs and have some fun taking them. I won't try to teach you photography but I will make sure you get some very superior shots!


I think of our tours as PhotoWalkShops where learning to balance, frame and select your angle of shot are the principal aims.


Although I often have Tour availability at very short notice, it is always best policy to book as early as possible so that dates and times of your Tour can be exactly as you wish.


A  high percentage of  people  ask me to take  photos for them of the places we visit  during Tours to supplement their own. I am happy to do this for an additional cost of £35 per Tour: your photos will be given to you at the end of your Tour on a new 16gb SD Card for you to edit as you wish. If you'd like to take advantage of this service then please tell me at the time of booking.








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"Best choice for Photo Tour"  Tour Guest Bob from Seattle


            "Second time with this Photo Tour"...  Tour Guest Suzanne from Florida


"Wonderful Tour, Highlight of our holiday"... Tour Guest Andrew from Minnesota


            "Great Photo Tour"... Tour Guest Paul from Durham


"Amazing Tour Guide" ... Alistair from U.S.


            "One of the Best Things We Did on Our Trip to the U.K."... Geoff from Boston


I could quote more but it might seem like bragging... 



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